Wednesday, July 23, 2014

European Vacation

“Paris is always a good idea,” said the beautiful Audrey Hepburn. And, she was in fact telling the God’s honest truth. I revel at this illustrious city. Nothing compares to an afternoon in a Paris café. It delivers all the romance promised by every movie made on that particular subject.
It should be our God-given right to enjoy a French vacation annually. However, sometimes visitor la France just isn’t in the vacation budget, right? We all need just a bit of Paris to enjoy as we loll about the house during the dog days of summer ahead. Here are just a few ideas…
Maybe if the heat gets you down, it is time to turn down the AC and don a bit of glam? I think a rhinestone tiara could be just what the doctor ordered. I’m pretty sure Marie Antoinette herself would have approved of such fineries. Send the family to the lake; pour yourself a glass of wine and sport your tiara while sipping with a girlfriend or two. Nobody ever has to know but the ladies. You can spend an afternoon playing “Pretty Pretty Princess” and nobody other than your friends will be the wiser!

Paris is the city of lights as well as a display of some of the most unbelievable architecture on the face of the earth. Versailles, the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre are spectacles to behold. The cathedrals at Notre Dame and Montmartre are breath-taking. The structures are what fairy tales are made of.  However, those beautiful churches may be out of your reach this summer. How can you demonstrate your appreciation and respect? A respectable showing of crucifixes as well as Madonnas will take you back in time to those incredible houses of God. And, maybe this particular display will remind you to moderate at your next Princess Party!

Statuary wasn’t invented by the Europeans, but in my opinion their representation is by far the best.   My advice, display our beautiful statuary upon your favorite French commode or bureau, and you can enjoy the statuary for time immemorial.

 I know the heat can often send us reeling, but there is no need to shut the door and avoid the world.  A trip abroad without the passport will leave you feeling quite replete. Visit us soon!

Have a great summer!
Your friends at Gatherings